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How To Care For Your Rubio Monocoat Finished Furniture

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a natural and environmentally friendly oil. It creates an extremely durable finish and enhances the natural beauty and grain of wood furniture.

Caring for your Rubio Monocoat oil finished surface is simple, and when done properly, keeps your furniture looking beautiful for a lifetime.

There should never be a need for a re-coat or a messy re-sand and refinish. The only reason you would need to re-sand your furnityre with a Rubio Monocoat finish would be if a colour change is desired. This provides a major advantage over the polyurethane finish maintenance process, which is messy, lengthy and requires re-sanding between applications.


Keeping your oiled furniture clean is the first step to caring for your oil finish.

Once your furniture piece is finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, you should allow at least 5 days for it to fully cure before cleaning with liquids.

Keeping dirt and grit off of wooden furniture will greatly extend the life of any finish.

There are 2 options to clean your oiled furniture:

  1. Damp rag

  2. Rubio Monocoat Soap or Surface Care Spray

Clean using a damp rag

Using a damp rag with clean water is sufficient for the regular cleaning of your oiled furnityre. Remember that wood and water do not mix, so using a damp rag means your rag should not be 'dripping wet' when cleaning a wood surface. Clean using a damp rag with water as needed but avoid doing so daily. Clean water will not always get your furniture clean.

Clean using Rubio Monocoat Soap or Surface Care Spray

Surface Care Spray or properly diluted Rubio Monocoat Soap are the only recommended cleaners for your Rubio Monocoat oil finished furniture. These cleaners will remove all dirt and grease thoroughly, without leaving a film or affecting the matte natural look or the wood. Again, be sure to only use a damp rag and do not saturate the floor with liquid.

Rubio Monocoat Soap

Rubio Monocoat Soap is extremely concentrated, and therefore, extremely economical. One liter of Rubio Monocoat Siap will make approximately 26 gallons or 98 liters of cleaning solution. When Rubio Monocoat soap is mixed with water into a cleaning solution, it is called Surface Care Spray. Mix Rubio Monocoat soap with water at a ratio of 1:100

Common Mixing Measurement



750 mililiter

1/2 tablespoon

1 gallon

1.3 fluid oz

Surface Care Spray

Surface Care Spray is the mixed and ready-to-use version of the Rubio Monocoat Soap. It is available in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Surface Care Spray is great to have on hand for spot cleaning areas in the event of a spill or accident.

How To Use

Spray Surface Care Spray onto the surface and clean using a microfiber cloth or rag.


Rubio Monocoat oil is composed of natural ingredients. It is sustainable, renewable, and completely environmentally friendly. Since no artificial toxic hardeners are used to increase the durable life of the finish, periodic rejuvenation (aka maintenance) is necessary, usually between 2 to 6 years, depending on climate, use and care. Maintenance is done using Renew.


Renew is a ready-to-use product that refreshes, restores and protects surfaces treated with Oil Plus 2C. It brings the surface back to a freshly oiled state. Renew should be used when the surface starts to feel to dry or rough, or when the finish has worn down due to heavy use.

High traffic areas like heavily used kitchen countertops, dining room tables, and around kitchen sinks wear faster than other applications. Over time, they can develop 'dry' looking spots as the finish wears away. The worn spots will appear dry or rough. Another sign of compromised protection is the failure for liquids to bead-up on the finished surface. These areas can be renewed individually whenever necessary using Renew.

How to use

Renew is very easy to apply. Simply apply Renew onto the dry looking area, leave it to react for 3-5 minutes, then wipe dry, being sure to remove all excess. Allow the area to dry for 4-6 hours before light use.

Using Renew when necessary will extend the life of your Rubio Monocoat oiled surfaces and ensure maintenance is kept simple.

Sheen Enhancement

Universal Maintenance Oil

Universal Maintenance Oil is used to increase the sheen of an oil finished surface. Oil Plus 2C has a matte finish and applying Universal Maintenance Oil will increase the sheen slightly, to approximately a velvet-like appearance. It also nourishes and adds a light glow to the wood finish.

Universal Maintenance Oil can also be used to conver wood furniture finished with a different or unknown brand of oil finish to a Rubio Monocoat surface.


Once you have used Universal Maintenance Oil to rejuvenate a surface, future maintenance should be performed using Universal Maintenance Oil to keep a consistent sheen.

Universal Maintenance Oil dries in approximately 6-8 hours, at which time it is ready for light use. Full cure is achieved after 6 days. This oil is available in 5 colours: Pure (non-pigmented), Black, Brown, Grey and White.

Removing Stains and Black Spots From Wood

Black spots or tannin can occur after wood comes in contact with a strong alkaline solution or moisture and metal such as cans, flowerpots, etc. These spots are caused from a chemical reaction to acid and water.

Tannin Remover is a ready-to-use product for removing stains and spots on wood caused by a reaction to acid and water. It can be used on untreated, oiled and waxed surfaces. It can also be used on water damaged parquet floors, as well as on outdoor wood surface.


DO NOT use Tannin Remover on furniture treated with Fumed as it will neutralize the grey colour effect.

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