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DuroGrit is a sustainable, wood-fiber fortified and water-soluble oil that colours and protects all exterior wood in a single layer. 


The Great Plains Collection

The Salt Lakes Collection

Rubio Monocoat DuroGrit

DuroGrit is a sustainable, wood fiber fortified and water-soluble oil that colours and protects all exterior wood in a single layer. The FibreGrit technology, where added wood fibers give the oil its unique structure, provides the perfect combination between a saturating and a breathable monocoat system. 

Thanks to this technology, the product does not only have an incredible and long-lasting UV protection compared to other exterior wood finishing products, but it is also extremely durable and resistant. 

DuroGrit Key Features

Patented FibreGrit Technology

  • Cutting-edge wood finish

  • Innovation that includes cellulose wood fibres resulting in the most durable wood protection

  • Ecological & Safe to use (0% VOC)

Proven 1 Layer Technology

  • One application (no pre-treatment needed) reduces time, packaging and transport

  • Breathing and saturating monocoat system

  • Result in a lower price per squared metre, saving you time and money

Tomorrow's UV Resistance

  • Your wood gets the best UV protection

  • FibreGrit Technology allows fro significantly more UV blockers

  • High quality projects with a prolonged natural look and no greying surfaces

Tough Mechanical Protection

  • Water and dirt repellent

  • Open pores prevent cracking and peeling off

  • Lasts longer with less maintenance and less worries

For All Exterior Wood

  • Suitable for all wood species, types and purposes

  • Only one product needed for all applications

  • Natural colours and classy, earthy tones

  • Residential & public use (playgrounds, terraces, fencing, etc.)

*Please note that this product is currently on a pre order basis. Please expect a wait time of a minimum of 2 weeks.

* Wood used is Pine. Colours may differ on different wood

** Colours ahown are for reference only and are not binding

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